Andrioti Patritsia

Andrioti School, est. 1977
Andrioti School was founded in 1977. Run by Ms Andrioti Patritsia (B.A Hons University of London, M.Ed University of Bristol) since 2011, it offers top quality services to learners of all ages. Andrioti School holds a license and full recognition by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P) – license numbers 2301304/2100615 – as a Language School and Lifelong Learning Centre, and has been operating in accordance with international standards for educational institutions. Being a well-reputed language institution flexible enough to provide programmes catering for all needs and interests, we offer a wide range of exciting English and Greek language courses at all different ability levels as well as CPD seminars. We are proud of the friendly atmosphere in our purpose-built school generated by our enthusiastic teachers, and of course, our students.
Andrioti Patritsia M.Ed University of Bristol, B.A Hons University of London, RSA/CELTA International House, London
Patritsia has more than twenty years of professional experience in education and has been a teacher, teacher trainer, and editor of EFL material in the UK and Greece. Patritsia started teaching in 1996, and also enjoyed a successful career as a syllabus designer and materials’ editor for international publishing houses such as Macmillan ELT and Pearson. She also co-founded a large educational consulting company in 2003 where she served as Educational Manager designing courses and syllabi for language and private schools throughout Greece as well as being responsible for their teachers’ in-house training. She has been the director of Andrioti School since 2011 where she also teaches and designs innovative language programmes.
Patritsia has a strong interest in CLIL and technology use in the EFL context, while her M.Ed research was on the use of Drama in the Greek language classroom.
She speaks Greek and English and has a working knowledge of Italian. She’s a mother of two.