An Association is established under the name «ΕΝΩΣΗ ΚΑΙΝΟΤΟΜΩΝ ΕΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΤΗΡΙΩΝ» translated in English as “EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP ASSOCIATION” having the distinctive title in Latin characters “ELA”

The Association is a non-profit legal entity under private law.

For the world to change, people must change
and first of all their teachers.

Επειδή οι People improve when their education provides them with
creative solutions, alternatives, reliable answers.

Επειδή οι Teachers improve when they apply
creative techniques, alternative methods, reliable systems.


The aims of the Association are non-profit and consist in the quality upgrade of the foreign language private education and the bodies involved in it, through the implementation and deepening of creative techniques, alternative approaches and reliable methods, as well as through defining, enriching, reviewing, renewing, promoting and ensuring the quality of the services offered in foreign language education by the Foreign Language Centers (FLC) and their employees, for the benefit of pupils, students, parents, their teaching and administrative staff.


Natural or legal persons, in whose name a legal and valid license has been issued for the establishment and operation of a Foreign Language Center or an Educational Organization, regardless of its legal form, and which meet the criteria and conditions of entry, as defined below in Article 6, can be registered as Members of the Association.

Προϋποθέσεις εισόδου

Candidate Members must meet the following requirements that govern the whole range of organization and operation of an educational unit:

  1. working in the field of Foreign Language Education,
  2. having been established at least three (3) years earlier,
  3. having, in the person of the executives of the legal entity or of the natural person themselves, the academic training and occupation and specialization in foreign language education,
  4. having properly trained staff,
  5. promoting educational services in Greece through cooperation with other academic institutions, interested parties, organizations and/or companies in Greece or abroad,
  6. having Professional Ethics, such as adhering to industry ethics, as well as to Codes that may be drafted by the Association, and, in general, complying with the laws and ethics surrounding their professional capacity,
  7. being of recognized prestige and enjoying high recognition as regards the quality of the services they offer, both by their clientele and by other educational institutions,
  8. being an institution licensed by the National Agency for Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP).